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Frequently Asked Question!

The trippy store is based in   California in the united states of America  .

Delivery is done within 2 to 3 working days within the  states and may extend to 4days for customers in Europe and Asia .

Cash app , venmo, cryptocurrencies, Pay with credit cards and paypal

please select the product of your choice or consult our live support for further inquires, proceed to checkout by clicking on the the cart like any order website then proceed to order.

If your trippystore order status states “Delivered” but you haven’t received the package, there could be a number of legitimate reasons for this. Items can be returned back to us as undeliverable under the following circumstances.

  • Small P.O. Box: Your delivery address is a P.O. box that’s too small for the package.
  • Incorrect Address: If the delivery address is missing an important piece of information, like apartment number.
  • Previous Address: You mistakenly chose your old address as the delivery address.
  • Insecure Location: Your house or apartment isn’t a safe place to leave a package, either facing threat of weather or a hidden location where the package is easy to steal.
  • Unable to Access: If delivery requires going through a buzzer or security gate and the delivery driver can’t access your apartment or house to make the delivery.
  • Penitentiary: Penitentiary restrictions don’t allow the delivery to complete
  • Transportation Problems: Sorting issues or label damage could cause the delivery to fail.
  • Refused by Recipient: If someone at the address wasn’t expecting a package and refused delivery.

we understand that most people require discretion. so, we use generic prepared Xpress envelopes, boxes and cartoons to package items. We then vacuum seal and bubble wrap the contents for maximum discretion.

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